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Cake Cookies

About the time I was in Junior High, one of my brother's friend's mothers made these cookies that changed my world! I had never before had a cake cookie and the concept was so foreign. How can you take a cake and put it into a cookie? Once I got the recipe, I was in love with them. Especially for my college years when I needed to bring a treat, Cake Cookies have always been the way to go. They don't require very many ingredients, they are quick to bake, and they taste amazing!

This was my inspiration for my final Commercial Art IV project of "Not Your Grandma's Cookie". Personally, my grandmother either made oatmeal raisin cookies or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She kept a container in her freezer with dozen, so any time we came over, she would be prepared. Not that those cookies weren't delicious, but our name separates us from any other cookie you've had before. We're adventures, cutting edge, fun! The logo is pretty traditional, but I wanted the cookies to speak for themselves.

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