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Do you believe in fate? Sometimes my experiences feel like fate. Back in 2010, upon entering my 2nd year of college, I decided to get a job. After several applications, I landed an awesome job at Sweet Designs Cakery. It wasn't all glam, but I was raised on a farm so I know the value of hard work. Some days I made fondant, some days I washed dishes. But, this job created a connection with Heather Horton. Here we are in 2018 and I am honored to do some design work for her! Long story short, here is the boss logo for TOAST, coming soon to Pittsburg's brand new Block 22. We pulled inspiration from the Frank Lloyd Wright tiles in the building, and do I really need to say any more?! #logodesign #isitfate #influentialpeople #humblebeginnings #frankfan #aprilsdesigns


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